Starving Perfection (leakyfishbowl) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Starving Perfection

Guess who got stopped in the mall today and accused of stealing a bra from Sears?

This girl.

The women was really rude to me about it too. I just wanted something sexy to wear for my boy this weekend and I thought about buying it, so I carried it around trying to find undies in the same shade of red, and when none matched, I set it down on a pile of underwear, unhappy about the lack of matching skivies. The bitch that accused me managed to get outside of Sears before me and my friend that I was with, jumped in front of us and started bombarding us with questions. The fact that she beat us out of the store means they watched us the whole time we were in there and then made a bee line for the door as soon as they realized I was no longer holding the bra and was leaving. However, only I actually got questioned. Maybe because I was the one holding the bra, most likely. But I tend to look more suspicious I guess. My friend Crystal who was with me a is a busty blonde and was wearing a pink sweater. Not someone a store clerk would typically eyeball. I even offered to go back into Sears and point out where I set the bra down.

I thought about reporting her mostly because she was incredilby rude and blatantly stereotyped, but Im not sure how to go about that with department stores, since different people are in charge of different departments and whatnot, so I wasnt quite sure what the policy would have been. I might just call Human Resource or something instead. When she first approached me she said hi and got really close, so I tried to step around her and politely said hi back, thinking she was one of those annoying mall survey people, but then she stepped right in front of me, leaned down right in my face, showed me some lame ID badge because shes the head of "Weed out the nasty shoplifting teenagers department" and then blatantly started accusing me of stealing. Bitch.

And, so Its not text only but still along the lines of stereotyping:

Me being a cavewomen =P
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