Taliana (jinjja) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

almost 2 years

Is anyone here from around the Devon area, in England? I have no dreadlock buddies AT ALL D: and I'd love to chat sometime to people around my area, maybe even meet up sometime :3 I'm around Barnstaple, about an hour away from Exeter.

Anyway! Tonight while going through my files, I realised that in April this year I'll have had my dreads for 2 years! It's gone so fast, jesus.

My mother did them for me, and it was quite the struggle. You can probably tell that there was a lot of twisting, and so a lot of hair left undreaded. Part of this is her inability to follow instructions when she thinks she knows best, she would twist the lock around and around in the same direction as she backcombed it, the result being some parts dreaded, some parts twisted. I ended up having to rebackcomb so many a few weeks later. But I didn't dare whine, because she spent 7 long hours on my hair ^^; And my hair is really silky and really fine, so backcombing was a bitch all in itself.

It's been a lot of work since then, some days I just wanted to scream and cut them all out, but the perseverance has been worth it.

At the moment I'm struggling with thinning roots. I've lost one to the roots breaking off, recently cut out another in the same area that was hanging there pathetically, on it's way out, and with the undreaded hair there I've been able to start three little dreads. There's another on the other side of my head thats on it's way out, and I think I'll give it the snip as well and just start dreading the loose hair around there. I think I can make two dreads there - which leads me to the conclusion that some sections were simply too large. There's another couple that are getting a bit thin as well but I'm being relentless with getting the undreaded hair to join the roots, so hopefully I can ward off the same thing happening again.

But other than that ... yeah, the struggle really has been worth it :D I adore my dreads. This is the first time in my entire life that I have honestly been able to say that I love my hair. It just feels so normal for me to have them, too, and although quite a few of my friends were like "NO WAY DON'T GET DREADS EW" at the start, they love my hair now too.

I'd love to get some colourful extensions, but I'm also toying with the idea of dying a few. I can't decide! I just want some colour back in there, since before I got dreads I had dark purple hair for a year or so and I really miss that.
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