Erik (cottonmouthdn) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

The Gym (semi-x-posted in my journal)

So, I'm actually doing something about my chunkiness.
I'm eating better and going to the gym now. Yay for good health.

Yesterday was my first trip back to the gym in a long time, and my hair became a conversation-starter.... even though I wasn't seeking conversations.

It was funny--I had my headphones on, so I would imagine most folks were somewhat discouraged from speaking to me... but one or two people in the gym clearly wanted to talk to me about my hair. They made eye contact, smiled and acted like they were coming over to talk to me. I smiled back, but then I put my head down and got into whatever thing I was doing at the time. Talking while running on an eliptical machine--not easy for me just yet.

An oldish black woman felt she just HAD to tell me about her locks ("I useta have them to my shoulders, but I lost patience and cut 'em off!") while I was trying to do a bench press... I dunno about you, but I don't wanna have a conversation while my breathing is starting to come in ragged gasps because I'm woefully out of shape. I was polite, and I listened, but I didn't say much back because my fucking balls were about to burst out of my eye-sockets from the workout. You'd think she'd have known better. One older biker dude knew the score--he gave me a "fist up" salute as he was leaving. No questions, no conversation... just respect. I like that.

One cool thing about my hair... men in the locker room gave me a wide berth (and some dubious looks), so I had a lot of space to myself in there. Good. I don't wanna be near a bunch of sweaty, stinky (or cologne-laden) naked dudes at all!
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