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We accept you; one of us

Mkay. Decided to stop being lazy and finally post.
Got my second set started last Friday by the wonderful lishd.

Morning of; this morning. Yay for iphone pictures :)

There are better pictures floating around out there showing the process and such; those will be posted at a later date.

But yeahhh. Just wanted to re-emerge here. I used to post a bit and comment a bunch about a year and a half ago, and then felt kind of useless when I brushed them out. THESE ARE HERE TO STAY FOR A BIT.

And I know it's been said a bunch, but seriously. If you can make it out to Seattle to see Lish for any starting/maitenance needs, it is definitely worth it. She is such a blast to hang out with, and she really makes sure that you have a great time. She grabbed a bunch of her awesome friends to entertain me, took me out for fantastic food, and let me crash on the warmest couch I've ever been on. When I left the next morning, I was only halfway down the stairs before I already missed her and Joe; they are great people.

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