gillthepunk (gillthepunk) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Hello my lovelies!

Do you remember my friend Alex? I gave him some lovely dreads:

And here's the back when we'd just finished.

Now look at them!!!

And the back!! Those bad boys are only about 3 inches long now.

It's amazing! He wishes they'd get a bit longer. He's a sound engineer and he doesn't want them to get too short to tie up. He's been palmrolling them in the shower a bit which I imagine has helped them tighten. They were matting together at the roots at first but they've stopped that so much now and they're eating a lot of the loose hair around them. This man's hair loves being dreaded!

And, just for good measure: me!

I've recently given 2 other people my details, offering to make locks for them (for a small fee) as well as couple of people who already have dreads asking me to tidy up theirs. That's a pretty good endorsement of my dreads I suppose, they must look pretty good if others say they want theirs to look like mine. Hooray!

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