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timey line

the lovely jaime (gypsy88) requested i posted a timeline, so here it is :)
i was gonna wait til they were one year, but then that would be like a zillion pics.
my dreads were born on 6th sept 2007 :D

okay...heres my hair not long before, i hate this pic of me, i look like a twat. i hate what
i was wearing and that i have makeup on... i was actually dressed this way to try pull
this rocknroll guy i liked, but he was a twat...anyways...shush sez....

ewew...yeah my hair was pretty thin...on to dreadies!

just after i did them....yeah,they looked awful....

few days later..not much happening. i was actually pretty down back then because my hair didnt seem to
knot much, and was full of horrid wax that stopped me being able to backcomb them... i got rid of
it eventually.

still looking bad...

looking a little better... my handmade fathat from

october, me and harriet at ruby throat...looking better...

octoberish... i think....

in london, november.

December...very drunk, sorry!

looking much better and tighter and knottier!
took the last 2 this week

okay thats all for now. i hope they get longer soon.
makes me realise how dreadful they used to look, i'm glad i kept the faith though because i love them now.

sorry if its a little pic heavy. enjoy! x
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