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Non-dread Introduction

Hi there all!
This is coming to you from a dread lover. My name is Morgan, and I have been deeply in love with dreads for over four years, and I've been stalking you all since December. ; ) A few years back, I told my mom I was going to dread my hair, and she wouldn't let me. So I told her I wasn't going to shower until she let me. Well, she forced me to shower after a week and I indignantly told her that I wouldn't be washing my hair during that shower. She vowed to get in there with me and make sure I did, which totally wigged me out, so I caved and washed my hair.
Going through that was totally the wrong way to approach things. However, she still maintains common misconceptions of dreads being dirty, "for black people," etc., and that really gets under my skin. She promised that if I dreaded my hair while living under her roof she would shave it off. However, I would rather take time to grow my hair and get it stronger and know that it wasn't "just a phase" or just "rebellion." But I think the fact that I have been planning to dread my hair for nearly five years, is enough to prove those things wrong alone.

Long, boring story short, I just wanted to say hello and I hope to show you my dreads someday soon!
Thank you so much for teaching me so much already!! <3
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