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i have been meaning to post one of these for aages! they are 7 months old atm but the fact that i have an unhealthy obsession with changing my hair every week or so means that theres a bit of variety on show.
its more-than-a-bit picture heavy.

^^a shot of my hair before the magical process of dreading
^day 1

after 2 weeks^

i tied a balloon to one but the mean guy popped it

^i hated how they would disapear every time i tied my hair back so decided to extend them with wool  V

my woolley adventures came to an end sadly as they were wayyyy to hard to wash

then in a frenzy of dicscontent i shaved in my DREADHAWK :D     V

I extended my remaining dreads with the oned i shaved off by crocheting them together

and then dyed them violet :]

I decided to attatch a fake fringe :P ^^ this is me before i cut it/being cousen IT

I redyed my fringe so it was all purple yesterday and also went on a little spending spree in a bead shop so expect mmore pics soon.
hope you liked :).
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