lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

a photo update of us both

some new pics of joe & of me.

first, gorthok. i liked how his hair looked this day, so i started snapping photos while he played video games.

he looks strange sometimes...

...but isn't he beautiful?

now me. this is my fourth set, & they're something over two months old now. i can just barely get a couple of side ponytails out of them. they're locking up well for my hair type - the roots are VERY well separate, but the tips are going to be loose for a while to come.

(additional pics of my ears are here for those interested.)

& i finally made my pigtail hat, as myrrhdusa directed in the memories. it's very warm.

plus, click here & over here for our latest naughty_knotty posts if you dare.


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