skeletonart (skeletonart) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

 hi everyone =) i'm allison, and i have super thick, super curly/frizzy hair like you couldn't even imagine and when i was much younger, i really wanted dreads. i had synthetic ones for a little while, but my mother put her foot down about me ever getting real dreads. i'm 18 now, and my mother doesn't really care what i do anymore, but the whole idea of dreads kind of fell off because i was introduced to hair irons to control my hair. a few people have suggested recently that i should get dreads, so now i'm kind of pondering it again.

a few questions, and i apologize if i missed the answers in the memories:

first: i realise this is probably a dumb question, but is it possible to clear some of the hair that has fallen out naturally out of dreadlocks? i generally loose probably close to a small handful of hair a day, and i can see dreads on me getting very heavy, very fast. when i had very long hair, keeping it up in a bun gave me neck and headaces constantly, and i would want to keep these dreads as light as possible.

second: i have an...interesting scalp that gets dry and greasy all at the same time. if i kept the dreads loose near the scalp, would it be too difficult to wash my scalp once or twice a week? would the dreads get all moldy from the moisture?

basically, i'm trying to decide what is more convenient for me currently; ironing or dreading. i'm a full time art student, and my time for matinence is a little limited. any help is greatly appreciated!
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