Emma (burningemma) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


So last night I had a dream that I dyed my dreads black and magenta...but that I accidentally used the conditioner packet that comes with the boxes and they all turned into this long, flowing, super soft undreaded head of hair.

I mean, it looked flipping awesome, but I was really sad in the dream. I didn't think I had the heart to start all over and go through it all again after I'd -just- gotten my dreads to a place where I was really in love with them.

In the end I discovered I still had some random perfectly fine looking dreads in the front and I decided to leave it like that.

I remember the hair in my dream being SO soft and fluffy and nice, and it almost made me miss having regular hair...then I remembered my hair was NEVER that nice and I'm much happier now, haha :D

I had to share it, just because it was so weird.

I'm FINALLY not dead broke, so I can afford to get another USB cord for my camera. So much has happened up on my head since I've been able to do a post, it's a little bit shocking :)
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