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things i should not do: blog inebriated

well... what can i say? i love two buck chuck. what's your favorite dready music video? i was trying to remember as many as i could but.. well.. you know... two buck chuck.

may or may not be dready. who can tell? its grainy 80s quality. i say it counts on basis of, bestest 80s song ever written, my most favoritest fantastic song to karaoke to. EVER.

another fantastic karaoke ballad...

side note: i saw jimmie's chicken shack live the day i lost my virginty. afterwards, not before. awkward. tmi? probably.

obviously! i wanted moreso to post that commercial they did of that kid checking him out at the supermarket and dreaming he was lenny in this music vid. oh wait just kidding. joy of youtube.

help me out here! eyes are closing. need more. and i actually had a my-dreads related post but uploading pictures is not an option right now. in the morrow....

and blah!

couldn't find a good enough bob marley video...!
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