goatsfoot (goatsfoot) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

BEFORE (yesterday):
BEFORE hair - three

brushing out dreadlocks - five (the result!)
(on their way to being bleached and coloured blue and snipped and rocking a 'hawk - you can't see but the sides are shaved - and having random diy wool dread extensions sewn in sometimes. if i hate life in the straight hair lane i'll just redread my hair :P)

I've posted here before so I won't put up other pics of my dreads but you can look here for more if you are bored.

How I brushed my dreads out - with a bucket of nasty-ass conditioner - I kept dipping the ends I was working on in cold (not warm) water mixed with conditioner. I also tried lube but conditioner really works better. I used a combo of a comb and my fingers to carefully separate the hairs, and really tried not to force it, to minimise ripping. It's boring - I listened to BBC news radio until they repeated themselves and then watched some Doctor Who through the increasing curtain of hair. Hair gets longer (shoulder length became boob length) so I cut my dreads much shorter to minimise the work. Lots of hair still fell out but not near the scalp, mostly near the ends which were pretty fried with dye for me anyway. I let the roots go for a couple of months beforehand. I never waxed my hair - I use a crochet hook on dreads to shape and neaten them and it totally pwns any other method for me. If you've waxed your hair abandon all hope of getting loose hair back I reckon, unless you use some hardcore solvent first. Thinner dreads are going to be significantly easier to reclaim than thicker dreads. The end. :)
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