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when in doubt...


or at least, that's what i did. a while ago i posted this out of concern for my changing attitude towards my dreads. since then, i've done some serious soul-searching about my commitment and my personal reasons for having dreads.

for the most part, it made me feel better. in particular, it got rid of my ambivalence and self-doubt. however, i was still unhappy with my dreads themselves. something (or rather, lots of specific things) was bothering me about them.

a few days later, i was reading some articles for class. i mess with my dreads while i read, it's usually the only way i get any root-tightening done. while reading, i combed my fingers through the big chunk of undreaded hair at my part- or rather, i tried to comb my fingers through it. somehow, after months of letting it grow on its own, the bane of my dreaded existence had started to dread itself! about half of the loose hair had started to knot. nowhere near forming an actual dread, as it were, but i took it to be a sign that it was time to fix this particular problem once and for all. so i grabbed a comb, and ten minutes later i had a new baby dreadling sticking straight up off the top of my head:

i'm going to give him some time to toughen up a bit, then i'm going to create a fake dread of human hair to help him catch up to the rest of my dreads. as you can see, he's got quite a way to go, even in comparison to my shortest dread:

if the method of baby dread + fake dread proves satisfactory in its initial attempt, then i'll be doing the same thing to the chunks of loose hair on both sides of my head from where i've grown my bangs out. as it currently stands, these sections of hair are too varied in length to backcomb together.

also, i bought a crochet hook this weekend. now that i've conquered (or at least begun to tame!) my biggest challenge with my dreads, fixing loose hairs seems like a small step to bring my mind and body back into alignment. :D

also, those of you who requested a tutorial in this post, don't worry- i haven't forgotten, just been extremely busy! i'll post it for you soon, promise! :)
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