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$%!@!!&$#!!! SOAP!!!

yes I've been through the memories I needed to scream and tell someone who would understand.

SIGH. I over soaped my head the other day. I think I used enough 'poo to wash everyone in the community! I'M STILL TRYING TO GET IT OUT!!! I gave up for the night, my arms and back were breaking and my hands were long past prune stage. I shoved each dread hopelessly and helplessly under the spigot like Lish told me. I didn't see any soap bubbles coming out but I could feel the 'not so clean feeling' on my head and dreads. Most of my scalp/hair has the squeaky thing going on now but my 'oily spots' that I spend more time shampooing are STILL feeling greasy.

I rinsed, and rinsed, and rinsed (even thought about the water/electric bill in the process I was at it THAT LONG) did an ACV rinse, palm rolled and found another 'non squeaky dread' mumbled a few choice words, screamed, contemplated crying and rinsed again...PRAYED ABOUT THE SHRINKAGE/loopage and kept on rinsing!! I still have aprox. 10 soapy dreads left to deal with. I have NO idea what my head is going to look like after this....I admit I may be powerless over my dreads at the moment. I fear them coming apart a bit from the ACV and my rummaging through it (I pulled out quite a few hairs ouch and many more are now frizzing up and sticking to each other, painfully, ouch, wtf?) Tomorrow I will try a bath and baking soda if my arms are up to it.

The ends are getting rather thick and bushy due to this...will the soap ever come out?, tune in next time and find out as our local dread idiot tries yet again to rinse her head. I'd scream for Calgon but with my luck it would end up in my hair AHHH!!! I'm now officially afraid of shampoo. yes. I am a wus, your point IS?
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