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3 years of love

well its finally here.
my dreads are 3 years old.
oh how my babies have grown.

more recent...

look at that length!!

alright i think thats enough of my face for any of you.
told you it was a big post.
hurray for having dreads.
i fuckin love them so so so much.
its been 3 years and i still get excited to talk about my hair and show it off to strangers.
and people who know me :P
its the best relationship ive ever been in.

and omg how theyve grown!! i cant get over it!
i have a majority of these pictures on a timeline on myspace. i love looking at the early ones and seeing just how much theyve tightened, shrunk and then started to grow!!
ooo im so in love with my own head.

i work at a pacific sunwear store, so i get alot of younger people who come in and are like, oh man you have sweet dreads.
and i always respond with a very sincere "thank you!"
but recently, esspecailly after getting my digital camera ( thank you santa) and seeing the back of my head more and more, i truely realized something

i have fuckin SWEET hair.

and so do all of you :D
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