lellophant (lellophant) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

a very delayed update. (i hope you like pictures)

so i had my dreads done for me a year and five months ago. i was waiting until i did a full crocheting/felting session to update, but i don't seem to be so diligent with grooming anymore.

although i absolutely hate hate hate how this picture makes my vertical labret out of line with my philtrum piercing. if i'm not making a face like that, it lines up alot better.

this is my unimpressed face. yay new years.

i have 49 ends and something like 26-29 roots.

for contrast here was the day after they were made:

at five weeks to contrast length:

they grow up so fast:

the day i got her and the day after, respectively.

this is wendy now:

we're looking at the same thing apparently.

we cuddle. in fact we are cuddling right now. though these pictures should have been taken after a brush.

i taught her how to sit. here she's trying to cheat her way into getting a treat.

she'll be a year old feb 11th. :)

so. another kind of update(from new year's):

i call him snuggle cookie. >.> i know it's cheesy to advertise the fact, but i'm excited. by the end of february we're going to have our own place.

thanks for your time, guys.

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