Floka (rett_og_slett) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Hey everyone

Ok, so after some days - maybe weeks - of consideration, I decided to post some photos of my dreadies.
I'm norwegian, so my english sucks, but I hope you'll live it through!
Me and the camera have never had good chemistry, so there are a very small amount of useful photos of my dreads. 

This was taken just a few weeks after I got them

Me and some friends were fooling around with spray-cans and found out if would be fun to paint my dreads. It was fun, but not wise, ha-ha! =P Here they are, hmmm.... I think 4 months old or something. I didn't take that good care of them, so they got all messed up...

I was on holiday in South-Africa where an african hairdresser fixed my dear dreads^^ This picture was taken a few days after they got fixed.
Here they are 7 months old, I think.

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago. They are 1 year old in February!^^

I love my dreads!
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