Stephanie (deosangue) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Set number 2

So back in November (?) I think it was, the lovely Miss Christina of this community gave me my first set of dreads, and much to my dismay (and hers probably, I don't know) I grew impatient with them and combed them out after about three and a half weeks. Most of them had fallen out and the ones that hadn't were doing amazingly; unfortunately, instead of re-dreading the rest of my hair I decided to just get rid of it all. I chopped most of my hair off in December and loved it for a while, but then I kept paying attention to all of these get_up_dread_up posts with pretty pictures of wonderful dreadheads and I will totally admit, I caved and decided I NEEDED to have dreadlocks. So tonight, after trying a couple of dreads myself, I realized I should totally just finish my head and get it done with. I think this time around I put a lot of work into each dread and made sure I was comfortable and satisfied with how tight each one was...and I'm stoked. They are a lot better formed and separated than my first set and off to a good start and yeah here are some pictures...let me know what you think!

Uhh wow...yeah sorry.
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