amy edwards (toeknuckles) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
amy edwards

wow. i lurk a lot, don't i?

ok, time to come out of lurking to share some photos and some dread calculations....

i cut myself some bangs recently. felt i needed 'em...

before (i just woke up...excuse the dodgy look)

and after! but before i washed it. got less stringy after i washed it. and so shiiiny. 8-)

i find it hard not to blink in photos...i always wind up looking like this:

this one is me all tucked up in bed, cold and feeling dodgy, and doing my best impression of an 80s glo-snail toy.

and some thoughts on the weight of dreads. i figured this out in august last year, so my dreads are now a bit longer, bit older and a bit heavier. but still!

obviously, since getting dreads, i no longer shed.
i no longer wake up in the morning with a bed full of loose hair. my vacuum cleaner no longer chokes on the stuff.
every hair that i would usually shed stays in my dreadlocks.
and i got to thinking: that's a significant amount.

i'm not exactly sure what my hair colour is - i call myself a brunette, but in truth my hair is dark auburn. it naturally shines this vivid red that (in my pre-dread days) always had people asking if i had just dyed my hair.
but for the sake of this, let's say i'm brunette, since i'm closer to that colour than "red".

so, a brunette has about 100,000 hairs.
each day, the average person sheds between 50-100 hairs.
i know i used to shed a LOT (probably up around the 100 mark), but let's go half way at 75.
i've had my dreads for a bit over a year. let's, for the sake of making this easy, call it exactly one year.
365 days.
so if i shed 75 hairs a day for 365 days, we're looking at 27375 shed hairs.

27375 extra hairs that i am carrying on my head.

so, within one year, my hair is 27% heavier than it would be if i didn't have dreads!

by this time next year, it'll be 54% heavier!!

it really won't take long until my hair will weigh double what it would weigh without dreads.
it should also be noted that my hair is about 50% shorter in my dreads than it would be otherwise.
combed out, my hair would reach my waist. ( i combed one out for my bangs, so i can verify this!) in dreads, it's a tad longer than shoulder length.

so, how much does my hair weigh?
27% more than the weight of a brunette's hair, assuming she's 5 foot 9 and has grown it to waist length. (for me, crown to waist is about 26 inches).

so in conclusion: HUH!

here endeth the lesson.
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