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work and dreads

So when I first got my dreads a major concearn of mine was that I get really dirty at my work. I paint houses (interior and exterior) and at the end of the day I'm usually covered in a combination of drywall compound dust, paint dust, paint chips, and paint drips... in that order. Sometimes I look like a ghost covered with all that dust from sanding...

so anyways, I was worried I'd end up with dreads filled with nastiness... I tried bandanas and scarves and hats and such and I couldn't really find anything that was comfortable after a day of work AND really kept every speck of debris out of my hair... Plus I was hoping to find something that stayed put and minimized my dreads (while not making me look like a conehead or something)... also I end up with a lot of elderly clients and I don't really feel like dealing with the whole dread issue at work most of the time. So after lots of research and trying I didn't really find anything I was happy with until finally someone suggested the buff. http://www.buffwear.co.uk/

There are so many ways to wear this thing with dreads it's rediculous... plus it's sweat wicking (which is nice at work), breathable, uv protecting, and it keeps debris out. At work I usually wear it by just pulling it up and back and tucking the back in like a full bandana thingy, (sorry don't have a picture). But other times when I want to be funky I wear it a way I like to call, pinapple style

This is an extreme example of pinapple head... usually I don't put it up as high... This is me right before going snow shoeing... I wanted to protect my ears from the wind... oh yeah, that's another thing about the buff, it really cuts the wind... it was blowing so hard any exposed skin was totally red and our eyes were streaming water when we didn't have goggles on... but my ears were fine. Yet at work when I'm all sweaty it doesn't make me hotter. Also it's seamless and very stretchy and they come in tons of patterns. I love my buffs. Some of the videos on how to wear them are neat on the website...

maybe I'll get around to posting some other pictures of me with my buffs... it may seem silly when you can just use a bandana or a scarf but it's hard to get across how comfortable and versitile these things are... oh, and by the way I got it from ebay not from the site because the prices and the shipping are insane
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