amy edwards (toeknuckles) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
amy edwards

following through on my "thou shalt not lurk" rule...

with some misc. photos! i think they're a year and a half old now? maybe a bit more? don't remember....

i believe they meant "cases"....A for effort, though!

the ugliest pair of glasses ever called for the ugliest face i could manage at the time..

(please excuse the watermark...the image was used for something else before i posted it here)
this was taken only 6 months ago. you can see how much they've grown since then, though, when you compare it to the first one.

me and my can't really see the dreads, but still. i love this photo.

i make a good zombie now...

almost a year ago now....

and, just for kicks, before dreads.
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