Hattie (before_bedtime) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Ding ding, round two...

Hello my lovely dreadlockees!

I am a long time lurker. A very long time lurker. Back in June/July 2006 I got my first set of dreadies and I did post a couple of times, but, to be honest, I didn't really like my dreads so I hid them from you; the dread elite. Anywho, I decided in December 06 to chop them off. I was due to go to a Christmas Ball and my dreads were all messy and it felt like nothing could make them look any good, so I got frustrated and ran to the hairdressers. BIG MISTAKE! Since then I've just been waiting until they were long enough to lock up again and Sunday night, my friends, was the night.

I went to my friend Ash's house at 4pm armed with a little dreadlocking kit I put together. This kit contained all the essential ingredients for a full on dread sesh: a comb, a crochet hook, some beads, someone else's dreadlock, a mixed CD of reggae and world music, a box of nag champa incense, some matches, copious amounts of chai teabags, a packet of jelly babies and some chocolate coins left over from Christmas.
The next ten hours were spent backcombing, rip 'n' twisting and crocheting my hair to buggery, watching the whole 3rd series of Father Ted, watching half of Mulholland Drive, eating lots of cottage pie, singing songs, jamming on cello and guitar, falling asleep whilst being backcombed (I was uber tired), avoiding getting roped in to a drinking game (successfully) and generally having a lovely time.

Alas, I have no pictures as of yet because I'm in between cameras at the moment and I'm waiting for my friend to email me his pics.

My last set at about two weeks old.

The back.

At about 6 months, just before the chop (yes, that is Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters...)

The evening after I cut them off.

Me and Ash, the dreadlock genius. (Alas, he chopped his off a few months back too)

The most recent picture of my pre-dreaded hair.

In case you were wondering, my userpic is of my old dreads. I shall post pictures of the new ones asap. They are tight like a tiger!

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