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dreads and my poppa. xposted my journal.

the evening started well...i exchanged childhood stories with ben...
it may only be a week now until he comes...everything was good today
and then about 30mins ago i was told my poppa had been taken into
hospital. hes had vomitting and diahorra all day, and hes collasped.
i know it might be serious, my poppa is so stuborn.... and so, hes in
hospital mum has gone there, and told me to stay here...
so, i didnt know what to do... i called my dad, rolled a joint, then called
ben and told him. i dont know why i called, i just had to hear his voice.
i smoked the spliff while on the phone, and came away smiling. now i'm
not sure if being stoned right now is helping.....i really don't know how to
handle this... me and poppa are so close, i love him... i need him still.
the world needs him still.........

on the upside, i took some picture today.

my head of dread.

your colours leave stains in my hair i love you really do

i chopped between some dreads that were eating
each other...this gives me loose hairs. birdnest hair.

my hair is cleannn and damp.,..not greasy!

new swirly trippy beads... more info on these to come.

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