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Getting help....thanks

I have been dreaded up for about 7 years now, and dreaded even longer than that (big scary black guy) .

I was going to post some questions about having "pros" do maintenance, I think I am either getting too lazy or the changes in my diet are finally starting to impact the health of my hair.  So that I wouldn't get the common "check the memories" response, I decided to search through them. I think some new techniques and possibly a change in my homemade "mixture" for my scalp may solve my issue.

My issue is that my locs have always been uneven, and seem to have a length "limit". At times I would even get asked if I have been "layering" them when I get them cut. Thats never been the case but I guess having an uneven afro in the beginning was the cause, and now I refuse to cut them all to be even (just feels wrong). I am hoping that some changes in habits will let me surpass what has so far seemed to be the "limit" to the length of my locs.

After checking the memories, I found what I needed here once again. So I wanted to thank the all of you in the community, for offering time and time again, all the answers I have needed.

Merci beaucoup

Here are some photos

Before locks ~7 years ago

the process
The process

about 2 years in
About 2.5 or so years later

About 4.5 years old after cutting out some unhealthy ends

About the same time period

About 3 months ago

Last month

Most Recent
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