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One year ago I chopped off my long locks and wore a Rosemary's Baby style cut all summer. Starting fall I have been growing it out. I recently got hair extentions, and I have to brush them out almost every hour! They actually dread themselves... So I decided to sport dreadlock extentions, to try it out, for a while, until my hair grows long enough to cut into a bob. And who knows.. maybe I'll dread my real hair.. 

So here's my question, has anyone dreaded extentions (human mixed with synthetic) and is there a difference in taking care of them? Or should I just do what everyone else does? I'll post pictures the second I start. I'm very very excited. I hope they turn out good! Here's a pic or two..

My Hair was about this long, a little longer maybe ^

And here are the extentions... 

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