heather bo beather (peace0f_mind) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
heather bo beather

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its my birthdayyyyy!!!
and my friends have planned a whole weeekend devoted to fun fun fun for me.
had a private movie party tonight, watched finding nemo which i luuuuv.
concert tomorrow. seeing moe. dancing my behind off.
a night of stand up comedy and heather-totally-crunkness.
and seeing strange wilderness, which makes me piss myself just watchign the previews with that shark with those teeth.. ooooo!!!

and also, along with recently turned 3 yr old dreads...

i combed two out and made bangs.

fuckin right.
cheers to loving life right now.

and cheers to you guys and your awesome dreadness.

over and out.
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