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boyfriends locks....chop chop chop

So since cutting and combing out my dreads about a year ago, I've managed to live vicariously through my boyfriends set which we started about a month after I chopped mine. I always thought they were lovely but he started to get really frustrated with them and basically would only wear them down and not covered up very occasionally. He asked me a couple of weeks ago if I would cut them off and give him a hair cut, and after much complaining from me I said yes. So, timeline time.......

We started with the 'Elven Lord' stage
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Which made for some good dreading
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This was a rare time of wearing them down, that's me on the left. We're at our friends Sports Day party (best party theme ever)
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He wanted to be left with some hair to play with so we left a couple of inches or so, pineapple head!
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Now he has a sort of messy indie kid thing going on, which I love much more than I thought I would...
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and everything is wonderful even though we are both dread-less! I am thinking of starting another set soon so we won't be dreadless for long.

Happy families.....
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Kisses xxxxxxxx
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