Sierra Nevada (zyzzyx) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Sierra Nevada

hi! it's me again. hehe.
so i decided i'd make a test dread.
it'll be 2 weeks old on sunday.
and i love it. i'm just waiting til
i have some help so i can have a whole
head full. last night though i ran into ignorance
from one of my friends. i told her i was going
to do dreads and she's like "EWWW!!!
THAT'S SO GROSS. they're so dirty."
she also said they were made from
grease and dirt. i looked at her and i was like
-_____- "no.. woman, they aren't. don't be so foolish."

it makes me so mad when people are like that.

anyway. i have pictures of my one dread[i named it cody. =D]
but i have to upload them and i will do that later :)
i just thought i'd share my story with you all for now.

sorry this is a text only post but the next one won't be, i promise! =]
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