Jacy (gojacy) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


My dreads are almost a month old (yeah!!!) and I've been considering combing out a few in the front and then cutting them so I have some adorable bangs. I like to rock the headband with my dreads, so I think the bangs would look cute. I'm kind of nervous about it though as I have never in my life had bangs.. ever. So I don't know how I'll look with them. I do however know that there are some adorable people in GUDU with dreads and combed-out bangs. So.. this is the part where I get annoying and I kind of time-consuming. I'm on my boyfriend's computer and therefor don't have my endless supply of pictures of me so you all can judge whether or not I'll look amazing with the bangs. So, if you're interested.. please go to my myspace (www.myspace.com/gojacy) where my page and all of my pictures are public.. and you can see pics of me (before and after dreads) and help me judge the cuteness of the bangs. Please? I would just wait until I got home and post pictures... but I won't be there for a while and I know I'll forget... I forget everything. Please again? Thanks so much in advance!!!
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