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I've never posted before, but i've been lurking since about november and i've had dreads since about december (more or less). I backcombed (very shittily) in mid-december, but they all fell completely out. I left it alone and just didn't comb until the first of January when I backcombed again. I did a little better job, but a lot of them still fell out a couple weeks later, and the ones that didn't were just barely hanging on. So pretty much i've been going natural since then. I've got some okay looking dreads and a lot of messy undreaded hair underneath them. I don't really do any kind of maintenance besides a little subconscious palmrolling when i'm bored or nervous and spritzing with salt water every few days. I'll post pictures later.
So, i have a question. Most of my dreads are really well-knotted at the bottoms, but the roots and middles are really thin and not matted. And none of them are round, they're all pretty flat. I'm hoping if i just be patient they'll eventually knot up and round at at least somewhat. I'm worried that the thin parts at the roots and middle might break eventually because they're so thin.
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