bird (whereareyou) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

two months old dreads, one year old dog

My dreads turned two months old this week! But I wasn't planning on posting until I noticed some changes a few days ago. After washing my hair (a rare event for me, since I starting doing no-poo a few months before I dreaded my hair) I noticed that hair was shorter than it used to be. My dreads are finally tightening up, and I have a few that I feel but can't see that are getting really solid.

The under layer of my hair looks very different from the top. Because those were the first dreads my counterpart had ever attempted, his technique was not so good, and the new dreads didn't last. But that part of my hair is sort of dreading naturally, and pictures don't capture it well, but it looks really awesome.

And finally, my baby Johnny turns one year old tomorrow, so it wouldn't feel right to leave him out of this post. :)

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