anuliina (maaliskuuu) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

hey :>

I just found this community and wanted to share some pictures. :>
I love dreadlocks and I miss mine a lot! I got them in May 2005 and cut them off in October 2007.

In 2005 I was seventeen and I looked so boring. I first tried to spice it up with some pink hair dye (that didn't last very long.)

Then a few months later I got dreadlocks. My friends did them and we used bee wax and sugar water and whatnot - awfully gooey.

In this picture they're few weeks old.

3 months old, July 2005. I liked to to decorate my dreads with beads.
I was in Bulgaria, and a bit chubby. Looking awfully tired here.

Autumn 2005. Dyed them really really blonde.

February 2006. They'd gotten a bit shorter. (Haha, my friends on the background.)

Summer 2006.

Hair open.

My friend loved to play with my dreads.

This is when I loved my dreads the most.

Then I dyed them brown and started liking them less. December 2006.

March 2007, London.

I usually kept them tied back.

And looked like this from the front.

September 2007. A few weeks later I cut them off.

Then my hair was awfully short and ugly for months. Now it has grown a bit and I like it more.
And I broke my digital camera so I have to use my crappy camera phone to take pictures. :P

I will get dreadlocks again someday. :> But I have to wait because of my current job. :<<
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