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Is any of this true?

My ex is bugging me about dreads and he said he read this....and thinks i shouldn't get dreads because of it.....
soooo is this true?

Resist the temptation to shampoo a new set of dreads for at least two weeks. Your scalp will eventually acclimate to the new schedule. When your locks are secure, consider a wash every four days to two weeks, depending on how your scalp feels.

New dreads may unravel with a lot of help, but in general dreads won't wash out. Should you decide to move on to a new style, you'll need to cut the dreads off and start with a fresh head of hair.

What you'll need to wash them:
* Hosiery
* Bedsheets
* Lukewarm Water
* Body-building Shampoos
* Deep Conditioner
* Hot Oil Treatments
* Protein-based Shampoos
* Special Shampoos For Normal Hair
* Video Game Consoles

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