nicoblue (soulhaus) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

my roots are as long as 4 inches brown in some places.
i've had breakage from bleaching and .....
LOVED the results.

done with the blonde. DONE!
thinking about turning the colours of a sunset, soon.

and him? oh, gorgeous HIM! they're around 6 months old, healthy and perfectly formed. when i started them, he had (at the longest) 4 inches of hair. even i was shocked they took so well, so quickly (his hair was that of pristine virgin strength and shine, intermixed with coarse grays that are souvenirs of stresses long past.)

when we go out, people take our pictures* and compliment us
(HIM! OFTEN HIM! not me!!!!! O.o)
and it feels good.
(*last night we had the dog in his bumblefudge costume, and gsus, walking down the sidewalk was bloody impossible. everyone wanted to pet all of us. EEEP!)

my business has been picking up heavily in southern california since my return. i'm going with it. last night, i attended a party where multiple heads represented my work. it was like a my own stealthsubtleninja art show! ♥

cheers, pretty faces!
just checkin in <3

you know, we dreadies can make the simplest hairstyles look RAD. ♥ :)
ps - those little brown frizzies? i dont have the heart to sew them in... why?
...because they're not JUST frizz - they're actually sweet little well formed baby DREADLETS! d'awwwwh! :D

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