r3d_r3d_r053 (r3d_r3d_r053) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Hi there lovely people! Haven't posted in a while... mais j'ai une question.

I'm pretty sure I have some excess shampoo in my dreads that I haven't been able to rinse out for a while. Like when I feel towards the roots, it's kind of...not really sticky but that's the closest I can come up with haha.
And I believe in the memories someone mentioned soaking your head in a bucket of water LOL... is this what you would reccomend? ..and how exactly would you go about doing that? haha. 1. gets bukket, 2. fill with water. 3. stick head in bucket.

Oh, and also, my babies turned one month last tuesday!

most of them are still really loose, but my friend has been helping me maintain them...so about six of them look REALLY good! the rest are just super messy heh heh.

my really good ones. ^_^

They get better and better every day, thanks to Gudu! ^_^

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