various aspects of ME (pippi_az) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
various aspects of ME

name that smell

I've been through the memories...I've read all about smells and how to make them go away. Where and or why am I getting this slight burning hair smell? I noticed a mention of the same 'burnt hair' smell in the memories but I could not find reference as to where it came from. I know how to get rid of it, but, I'd really like to tackle the source of the issue.

I haven't set my hair on fire, nor have I been around any fires so that's not it. Is it from friction during palm rolling? I don't blow dry my hair or use any chemical processing. I've read some shampoos can leave you smelling funky and there is some similarity to the scent of my tea tree oil shampoo, is it that?? Since I've seen ref. to others having said burning hair smell I hope someone can tell me what it's from? A baking soda dip sounds refreshing and I'll be doing that since I'm a clean freak.
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