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each your heart out amityville

Due to the crazily unseansonable warmth we have here lately i took a wee trip up the mountains to the Hellfire club a 17th century hunting lodge with a macabre past.

it was a bit of a guelling climb through a forest especially when your as unfit as i am 

this is a very tired ken, with the fair city in the background

the stones used in its construction were taken from a megalithic burial cairn what locals would call a 'fairy mound'. these were already places that farmers would avoid because they feared the fairies that lived there would kill their cattle, themselves or their family. So when the aristocrates tore it down to build their little social club you knew that bad stuff was going to go down.

the most well known legend is that during a card game in the lodge one of the players dropped something. he went to pick it down and realised that his oponent had cloved hoofs for feet. when the devil realised he was rumbled he promptly disapeared in a poof of smoke. also it was the site of numerous animal sacrifices and at least one human as verified by the discovery of a dwarfs skeleton buried next to a small statue of a demon in 1976. fortunatly these days its mainly used as a place to go drinking. but then again that refers to ANYWHERE outside in ireland

taking a well earned rest, if you think i look wrecked in this. trust me this was after the second colapse from exhaustion

doing my best hail satan pose

this is the genuinly creepy interior for anyone whos interested

the room where satan got turfed out on his ear for betting with monopolly money

dun dun duuuun!
also on another note which is tottally unconnected in any way. its also a breeding ground for magic mushrooms! again, totally unconnected..honestly!
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