Starving Perfection (leakyfishbowl) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Starving Perfection

So I made a post two weeks ago:
It was about my boyface dumping me and I said something to Lish about how he thought he might be making a mistake but he would need a few weeks to cool off first. Guess who regrets the break up now?
Boyface wants to get back together. I so called it.

So its not text only:

my wifey, haha. She had a full head like two years ago, but now she just has two little knubby fatties on the back of her head. Thats one. Theyre about four months. She said she'll do the rest of her head someday when she isnt lazy. Shes going to clean mine up for me one of these days. I adore her. Dont mind her squinty eyes. We were drunk.
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