Твоя тень (miriena) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Твоя тень


I have a question for those of you with longer and denser (is that even a "legal" word??) dreads. Do you do anything to your hair when you go to sleep? If so, then what is it?

The reason I'm asking is that I usually keep my shoulder blade length dreads up in a very loose ponytail, but I don't feel like I'm giving my hair the freedom it wants when I sleep. If I don't put it up, I feel like I'm sleeping on ropes (my dreads are QUITE dense!). And all the pretty stuff that I keep in it for decoration makes for painful discomfort when it ends up under my temples or cheekbones.

Also, if I put my hair up I can't sleep on my back since the bunched up dreads in the ponytail ends up jamming into the back of my head and neck and I wake up with a sore neck :-(

Obviously, I'm not heavily disturbed by any of this because I've had my dreads the way they are for a while, just curious what other people might do! :-)

And here are some recent pictures!

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