aliwonderful (aliwonderful) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

6 MONTHS! (timeline)

 or just about..
i know its not a year yet, but im still doing a timeline..

Day One.

When i first got them done, i used wax cause my hair is so thin, and there was way too much was involved, and way too big of sections, plus we used rubberbands
(plus the person who did them started to hate doing them after the first day, let me tell you it got painful)

that picture honestly kinda grosses me out. Look at all that wax! ew.

Soo  needless to say, wax wasnt used anymore, and i ended up splitting a bunch of them, and the rubber bands came out after like 2 or 3 days.

Less than a month...

That was possibly around 2 months, but i think less.

around 2..

Less than 3...

Right around 3.. i know the bangs were kinda too short, i was just sick of the bleach blonde and hadnt seen my real hair color in 5 years..

Less than 4 months..

Around 4...

4 months...


and today, which is not exactally 6 months, but i know i did it during the end of august, so the end of the month is me celebrating. haha

(i am leaning back a little, they arent actually that long, you just couldnt see them that well if i didnt)

So, i love them, and as they get longer, i love them more.

I do randomly really wish i had normal hair sometimes, i used to dye and cut my hair constantly, so its weird not being able to. but then i come here and look at all of your hair, and cant wait until mine gets longer so i can do awesome things with it. 

plus i havent seen my natural hair color in 5 years, so its pretty crazy seeing it grow in.

So yeah,
6 months! Whooooo!
party time?

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