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you know, i've been thinking about this. and i wish more people would understand that dreads don't belong to anyone. they don't belong to a specific race. dreads aren't meant for race A, and race B and C and D cannot wear them. i dont understand how some people think that way. to me, dreads are more about a person's soul, their spirit. some people are meant to have dreads. dreads don't know a race. the very thought seems to contradict their whole entity. people dread their hair for a reason. whether it be for religious reasons, spirituality, whether they be artists or poets or hippies. to me, dreads identify a person's heart. not their skin color.
this is why it doesn't bother me at all anymore when i get glares and sneers from people. i feel like they just don't understand the whole thing about dreadlocks. they are so much more than just Race A's hairstyle.

PS: the user info in this community states that dreadlocks originated in india. can anyone send me a link to anywhere that gives accurate history of dreads?
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