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Dear dread heads,

Today, and like most every saturday, me and chris went to the flea market.
While i was looking at a bunch of junk on this table, some lady (she looked about 30) ( a "bar mom") came up to me and said....
"How long have u had your dreads?"
I said...
"hmmm a lil over 2 years now ^_^ "
She said...
"Oh well my friend had them awhile ago, and she had to cut hers out because she had bugs in them, and she kept her dreads cleaned."
i said...
"oooh, yeaa...well i keep my dreads clean, and i dont have a bugs.."
She Said..
"Well my hairdresser said well dreads carry digusting germs, and everyone who keeps dreads will get bug, and thats why my friend got bugs in her dreads.."
I said..
"Heh pitty on ur friend (tsk tsk tsk)"

And then i walked away....the lady started to have an attitude.
I think she was jealous or something, because she was such a bitch!

It doesnt matter if your hair/dreads are clean or dirty, or in between. You get lice/bugs, because you were around them. Lice will live in any type of hair and any style. Clean, dirty, knotted, straight, curly, or just a few hairs on top.

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