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The worst of news...

As a morbid update...I had to cut my dreads off the other night. I found out I had lice, and I tried using the lice shampoo they had at the store. Not only did it not work, but it loosened my dreads!

My dreads kept itching, so I cut them off. When I cut them off, I found lice ALL OVER MY HEAD! It was disgusting. I'm not sorry I cut them off, I just wish I didn't have to. I never even got around to putting pictures of them up on this community. :-P

I had my mom take a whole roll of pics of my dreads before I cut them off, though. So I'll post pics for a little dread memorial when I get them scanned.

I did some research on lice, and apparently, 1 in 10 caucasians will get lice at one point or another, but only .5% of african-americans will ever get lice. Just an interesting factoid for ya.

It really did surprise me, though. I washed my hair AT LEAST once a week. It really isn't a matter of being clean or dirty. You can pick 'em up anywhere. It's just a matter of chance. I hope none of you meet with the same misfortune I did...
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