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an asian with dreads: 2months.

hello, whoever you are...
i hope you are well.
i have never seen an asian with dreads before and pictures of asians with dreads on the internet is almost impossible to find.
so getting dreads was kinda sketchy, but i went for it anyway (i knew i'd regret not trying it at least)

i'll be posting pictures of progress which will hopefully be useful to someone out there.
my hair got dreaded dec 30, 2007. so... its been two months.
i must say, my dreads look a lot better in pictures then in reality.
it feels like a total mess and i constantly worry that they will fall apart or not lock up properly or not soon enough etc
i know i worry too much though.
the loose hairs will go into dreads in time.
i know it.
i need patience.
some days i dont feel like i should be going out cuz it looks like hell,
some days they look really good.
i think the ones in the back are locking up better than the ones in the front,
for whatever reasons.
also about the same time last year i dyed my hair brown and have cut it a bunch of times afterwards so theres still reminiscence of brown hair chillin out.

BEFORE (sometime in nov. or dec. 2007 maybe)

PROCESS (the last 1.5 weeks of december 2007)

FEB 28, 2008. still needs work and patience.

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