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Picture heavy! Beware! mwuahahahaha

Hey all! I think I finally learned how to do a cut on here, so this is going to be picture heavy =D Im excited to show you all how they've progressed recently <3 I'm in love with my dreads now ever since I rounded off the ends and added color thanks to the memories here on G_u_d_u! The felting needle has become my new favorite tool (other than a tattoo gun!!!)

Here's some pictures for you guys of my dreadies!

There 7 months =] I think they're starting to fill out nicely, but I want to dye some of the stubborn blonde ones, maybe not uniform to everything else but blonder, for something a little different.  That loose piece of hair you see is part of my bangs, I couldn't not have some hair to play with when I dreaded them, I need something to run my hands through, and my boyfriend loved my hair before, so it was kind of a compromise =P I cut them shorter recently because when I rounded the tips I lost so much dread length and my bangs ended up longer than some of my front dreads, so I trimmed them up a bit.

I added a bunch more color to them and I cant wait to see what else I can do with them!

They're growing and getting thicker everyday, and tightening up faster now than they ever have in their 7 short months of life.  Some of the beads I have in there are going to be a task and a half to get out!  But at least my stubborn bumps are finally going away and doing their thing!

This is how happy my dreads and all of you make me! Ever since I found this community they've been looking their best, thank you all, peace, love and happy smiles all around!


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