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Huge Vain Photo Dump

I was being really vain the other day and decided to take a serious assload of photos of myself. Heh. Really I just wanted to document my dreads before they turn a year old. ^_^

Seriously, if you don't want to look at like 25 pictures of my goofy face, don't click the link. XD Somewhere in there is a really cute puppy though! ♥

Jeez, if my boyfriend saw all these he'd give me so much shit for being vain. XD I swear, I'm really not that full of myself - that's what boredom and sore hands from too much crafting get you.

I'm thinking about either bleaching more of my locks blonde or doing all of the tips. What do you think? I really love the look of blonde tips, but I'm worried they might make my hair look shorter than it is already...

Two days! ♥
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