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Its Raining Asian Dreads

Hola !!
Im new to this community and livejournal.

A little introduction,
Im pure Asian, from Malaysia and still living here and im 18 (19 in a few months).

My dreads are a little over a month old and I got em using the backcomb method. One thing I would like to point out is that Asians with dreads are not uncommon. Over here they're pretty common among the malay and indian races. The uncommon sight would be the chinese people with dreads. I've never met another chinese/jap/korean/whatevertheyalllookalike person with dreadlocks.

Ok enough of yapping and on to some pictures.

This is me before i got knotty (I love making stupid faces) :

And after approx 4 hours of my girlfriend's efforts :

Yea I got a dreadhawk lol. I had a mohawk before this.

Another dreadhawk shot.

Random :

From last night :

From few seconds ago :

I have really sharp tips which i plan on getting rid of when my locs grow longer as I'm a fan of blunt tips. Might be getting me some beads next week too.

Really glad to be in this community and I'm jealous of some of the locs I see here, they re amazing but I know time will do its thing for my locs too. =)

Oh dont bother checking out my LJ, i only use LJ to comment on friend's livejournals. =)
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