bobandiarepals (bobandiarepals) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Progress on day three

It's day three and I wore them in public for the first time. I'm at my parents' for spring break and they live in a very backwater, conservative little town (Upper Peninsula of Michigan), so I got quite a lot of stares and gaping mouths. I felt pride! Ha ha.
I sprayed them with salt water and took the rubber bands out. I've been palmrolling them like crazy and I think they look pretty good.
My eight year old nephew also saw them. He is obsessed with dreads largely because of Jack Sparrow of PotC, and he was absolutely intoxicated. He was counting the days to his 18th birthday! Yes! I hope I'm that cool, hippie aunt that my nieces and nephews (five of 'em) can look up to. :D
Oh. What do you guys use for scarves/headbands to hold your dreads back?

...And I bought like eight skeins of yarn today. If anyone wants me to make them anything, like a tam, hat, headband, scarf, whatever, just tell me. I have an etsy account under bobandiarepals. I'll list whatever for like $5. I just like making stuffs!
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