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I just joined because I'm very interested in dreading my hair. I had a perm about a year ago and just recently chopped most of the curls off and I'm left with a frizzy mess now. I had my hair braided back in the summer and it fried my hair and ruined it so I'm very hesitant to try anything else since everything I do to my hair seems to leave me with nothing but horror stories. I've checked the faq here: and I know that you have basically 3-5 days to decide whether you like them or not and still have time to take them out. So I'm willing to give them a try, I'm just scared of when I don't want them anymore and I have to cut them out and be left with very very short hair. I guess I'm just looking for some beginner dread tips .. I've always loved dreads and I think they look so cute on most people but I'm scared heh. I don't want any professionals doing it because I don't want any chemical shit in my hair and I don't want to risk doing it by myself .. is it better just to get a friend to do it? Is it hard to do? Thanks!
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